Din vogn er tom

It’s not just okay to wear stockings; it’s ideal to wear the best.

About us

Hosetess is a  Danish based stockings brand offering every pantyhose lover quality and durable tights that gives them the beauty and confidence they need to go through their daily life. As a brand founded by air hostesses to serve all pantyhose lovers, we understand what we love most in our stockings, and we designed our products with that in mind. We developed our products after more than one year of research, and we designed them to perfectly combine both the features of durability and beauty. This endows our customers with both the support they need and the classiness and sexiness they need to stay at their best.

Our products have real compressions and comes with both special features to give our customers a comfortable feeling. No more awkward situations, no more extra stress. With Hosetess, powerful ladies can now showcase their beauty while being their best at their job.

hosetess stockings founder Nicoleta


She loves aviation and the challenges that come with it. For her, flight attendants and every other person whose work requires them to wear tights should wear stockings at the highest comfort. The idea of making compression stockings was inspired by the need to feel comfortable and sexy in her uniform and stockings. She inquired from her colleagues and discovered that they wished for the same too.

The idea remained so until Louise and Nicoletas ideas crossed each other. Together they went into an extended period of research to find out how they could solve this problem for both flight attendants and every other tight lover out there.


She has a diverse vocational background, amongst other things she is a philosopher. Louise started working as a cabin crew member back in 2011, and this crazy and unique industry took her by surprise. She fell in love with the industry and decided to stick to it. While in service, many ideas came to her, but the idea of designing a perfect stocking for air hostesses couldn’t leave her mind like the others. After a period of gathering her thoughts and conducting researches on what her idea entails, she decided to give it a try.

She met Nicoleta and together they created Hosetess.

hosetess tights founder Louise
Hosetess stockings founder

Our motto:
Feel good, feel sexy, feel Hosetess!

We understand what ladies want most, and we created our stockings with that in mind. Why not let the experts offer you the perfect hosiery? Who knows better than She who knows where the stockings are annoying the most?

best seller compression tights hosetess
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The Perfect Compression Stocking

Our brand is a combination of all the features you love; from durability down to comfort, shapewear, sexiness, and all the great health benefits support stockings offer.
One stocking to provide them all!

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All Day Beautiful and Sexy feeling

No need for extra stress. Just put on your high-quality stockings and face your day with high confidence.

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No More Awkward Situations

With Hosetess products, no more sagging and hanging. Our products makes it possible for you to feel comfortable and beautiful without worrying whether your tights are where they’re supposed to be.