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Are you interested in beauty in the long term? Are you maintaining not just your face but also your body´s health and beauty?  

You came to the right place. 

Our products come in mild and moderate compression Class I, therefore they are more for prevention of the varicose and spider veins. They offer a great leg support and help your blood circulation in a way that plain normal stockings don’t. The compression therapy guide, in the image, can help you understand the different levels of compression and how compression therapy can help improve your health.

Hosetess signatures products are in the 8-15 /15-20 mmHg range.



In short, a compression knit improves circulation of the intra-oral fluid, hence the legs do not swell, the “heavy legs” syndrome disappears. It creates the system of proper physiological pressure, the largest in the lower part of the ankle, which gradually decreases to the hips, thus helping the proper blood circulation, preventing the formation of varicose and spider veins.

At Hosetess we have reinvented the compression stocking so that every woman can wear them.

It is a fact that women above 30 start having varicose veins and spider veins on their legs.
How many women have you meet complaining of heavy legs, tired and achy legs or water retaining in their legs? 
How about taking action before it is too late! Our products do all of this and not just. They will help you keep and maintain the good looks of your legs in the long run. We are making sure that beauty comes not just from within but also from the outside. Give yourself the confidence to wear a short skirt at the age of 40 and above.

Tummy tuck, buttocks lift, compression, durability, comfort, all in one stocking.

Sounds good, right?
Try it


Post by Nicoleta S. / Hosetess

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