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 I have met an incredible number of colleagues who have been in the airline business for many years, all of whom have the same story: I had to do something for a year before moving on in my career...

That "something" was supposed to be a year as cabin crew. Many years later, I still find them in the job, happy and unable to see themselves doing anything else. I am one of them, wanted to do something other than my job as a social educator before I moved on with my studies. I took my graduate exam, but in the period I studied and the year of unemployment that followed, educated in a profession no employer really understands.

I often found myself looking at the winged metal pipes up in the air.

Thoughts like "what are they doing now, it came from there, where does it come from and where does it go" stuck with me for years. I couldn't escape this marvelous world with a subculture that only people in lifestyle jobs could recognize.


What is it that keeps us trapped? Why are we not willing to let go?
I have asked myself and several colleagues exactly that. The answers are pretty clear: my colleagues and no tasks awaiting ahead or from the previous day. Every day is a new day with a new team and new guests to new destinations worldwide.
And every day we all do our best to make it great.
The airline i work for has approx.1500 employees in the cabin. This means that on every flight you meet new faces for several times a week. But, when the door closes and we take off we give ourselves to one another in a way that no other profession does, not just professionally but creating a family alike environment. Because we meet each other with tremendous openness, before the day is over, we know quite a lot about each other. In the typical office communities is very likely that this openness would not happen until several years into the job.

To me, that openness is crucial for my well-being.

We are in an industry with unpredictable job security. I have experienced my share of the unpredictable. But still, we stick to aviation like flies on honey.
Our uniform represents a myriad of values. When we wear it we can not hide that we are having a bad day. We are the object of people's attention. We are the company we work for. It is important that we look presentable, also at 4 am in the morning, while our faces are still swollen after few hours of sleep, after a split duty or 2 am at night after a 13 hour work day. We have a love-hate relationship with our uniform. But, there is one very elementary thing we all love about it: we never have a clothing crisis. From the hair to the tights, we know exactly how it should be done.
Well, sometimes the hair might be a crisis :))

We work in an extremely unfriendly environment and walk a lot every day. We stand on our feet greeting passengers for several legs per day. We help hysterical moms, scared children or unaccompanied children, sick passengers which we give first aid, we even deal with death on board in the worst cases.

We are everything from your personal shrink to firefighter.

When I started working in aviation I had no idea what the life of a flight attendant meant. Nor about what compression tights where, other than the knowledge I got in the nursing home I used to work for, in my youth.
Over time, I figured out how much it meant to my health and the energy it gave to my legs. It is important to wear the right compression tights. I understood how hard it was to find the right compression tights to make one feel comfortable all day.
I love to find solutions and new inspiring ideas. This is how the design idea for Hosetess came into my thoughts. The need of having compression stockings that I would actually enjoy to wear and to work in. I am addicted to that magnificent tube of magic up in the air and I had to wear tights that lacked in terms of comfort and looks.
Not any more!
With Hosetess came a new, perfect compression stocking for stewardesses, designed by one. Our motto : feel good, feel sexy, feel Hosetess

Once a stewardess, always a stewardess!

Post by Louise T. / Hosetess

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June 03, 2020

You are so right Mike. Our feet are the ones carrying us into the world. We better take good care of them. 😉
Would love to hear how you like our products.😀

Best wishes
Nicoleta – Hosetess Team


June 03, 2020

Your legs and feet are so important in your line of work. If you take care of them, they should take care of you. You’re on your feet for so many hours, you need any support you can give to yourself. I’m glad there is this product to support you😊

I love hosiery. I am going to try a pair. You may have a new loyal customer, who knows?

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