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Just like the story behind Hosetess, Momunity  started the same way. A seed was planted from an idea that something could be better or different.
For us, this idea was to make compression tights that you love to wear, as most similar products on the market were lacking in so many areas like beautiful details, comfort and looks.
For Momunity, it was about creating a community among women, mothers in particular. A network that can share knowledge, forge new friendships, organize events and offer women discounted agreements with local shops and restaurants. In addition to that, they have MomuniTV and Momunity podcasts. The entire network is spread over 30 local Facebook groups with a membership of over 24.000 mothers across Denmark. It gives the feeling of a general mother’s group, where you can feel comfortable to beyourself, to open about your struggles and most importantly, where nobody is judging.

Moms are the bombs and Momunity is the proof that women can stand together for each other.


Sine and Sara started Momunity in December 2018 as the result of missing a mother’s group in their community. Starting with a total of 2 men, 6 children and a cat, they jumped out as momtrepeneurs, as they inventively call themselves. 😁
They met, they shared ideas and the rest is history...
And what a wonderful story it is to create common feelings at a time when communities are often found only in hobby or book clubs that require a physical presence. With Momunity your presence can be physical or in their online world if you are to busy with your newborn child and/or your new mommy life.
We got introduced through Copenhagen Business Hub, as both companies have received mentorship there. They saw a match and they helped us get in touch with each other. Our first meeting showed a lot of similarities between us and our businesses. After all, we are 4 strong women and mothers and we share the same energy when we stand together on a business side. We really like these two inspiring mothers and their genuine interest to offer their best for women and mothers in Denmark. 💙 💙
The link between the mother’s community that Momunity has created, and us, Hosetess makes it our amazing compression tights. All women, especially mothers like to wear quality and comfortable clothes, both as pregnant and even more after we give birth. Our bodies are not the same as before birth, the mommy tummy is there and will always show.
That beautiful mother's stomach, which states the fact that a new life was born but which, at the same time, may not be as flat and fine as it was before.
Nicoleta, one half of Hosetess, could easily appreciate the feeling that mothers have as she has given birth to a son herself. When the development of our products took its shape she again became more satisfied with her reflection in the fine dresses she wore before birth.

Between career and motherhood, we sometimes forget our own needs.

When it comes to the beauty care of skin and face women are huge consumers. We prevent old age signs as much as we can. It's just as if something is being forgotten on the fly between the beauty products and the eternal runs to the gym.
We all wear tights, but how much do we think about the fact that they can be as important of a player as beauty creams and visits to the beauty clinics? Not that much...
Wrapped in the most delicious features at Hosetess we developed tights that can do just that: nurture our beauty. Out with disposable use, discomfort, and everything we already despise in tights. In with durability, delicious details such as shapewear and lace combined, reinforced sole and support.
The support is the whole focus point, and that sets them apart from all the others! It keeps your legs fresh all day, helping to prevent vascular venous disorders, heavy swollen legs and prevent varicose veins from forming. We help your legs to look and feel better for longer. With the shapewear feature combined into two of our stockings, we put womens vanity first, so that sexy dress looks the best and you can wear it with confidence.
Mothers spend an incredible amount of time on their legs: food must be cooked, lunches must be packed, toys must be put in place. Cleaning up after each play or play date of our beautiful children, that living room full of Lego bricks or barbie dolls, etc. And to be honest, they don't clean up voluntarily.
When the children are tucked in at night, laundry, cleaning, and our partners would like to get some attention.

 It is no wonder that mothers can get a little tired. So why not give them a helping hand??

Even though Hosetess was designed for flights attendants, we have seen plenty of success in the mother communities. After all, flights attendants are mothers too....
In cooperation with Momunity we have created a special offer that only applies for their network on all products of our website. Many of the Momunity mothers turned into trying our products and enjoying the benefits.
If you are a mother who would like to be part of a local network AND have good discounts at Hosetess but not only, we can only recommend you to become part of Momunity.
With love, Hosetess

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